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Silent reflections of work places..

Almost every library expects its readers to maintain silence while they are present at the library. Observation of silence at a library is in interest of its readers, with the view of providing convenience and a healthy environment for them to read. A similar scenario is often noticed at a work place amongst the people and associated events at stake. The intellectuals at the work environment cherishing the responsible positions tend to preserve and respect silence maintaining convenience to their work life and at times, even personal. Conveniences, such as these, are often shielded beneath the blanket of excessive work and limitations of time.

Interests, personal and professional, play an enticing role here. Personal interests inclining towards the welfare of unseen and unknown individuals, aspects and events of life tend to be positioned with higher priorities. Shallowness of opinions, trifled objectives and contemptuous actions settle down to the fears of the featherbrained intellectuals. Professional interests such as the longevity of the individuals, fore-casted work returns (at times, measured quantitatively with regard to productivity), anticipated associations with work profiles, alternatives (ready to put on the same shoes) are amongst the mild factors amounting towards such intellectual decisions.

Good words for the bad and the bad words for the good are part of the game tricks, and not surprisingly, common amongst instances at such scenarios. Demarcations between good and bad, right and wrong, truth and false keep transforming as per such conveniences, and in interests of the parties concerned. The doors are often closed by providing leaving trails to the objectivity of life resorting to the uncertainties prevalent in the environment. Surrogation of thoughts end up resorting towards reticence with the hope for better nourishment of the environment, in context. The spectators of the play stand testimony to these reflections of life, and if belief of life after death permitted, even henceforth.



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