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Lucky last..

Times change, locations change, and with everything around for those that appear to be changing, may be, somethings just hold back. Some of those who were seen as unanimous contenders to be the firsts in the race; want to hold back for a while, or, for variable spans unknown. Some of those who were anticipated as the firsts, they do hold back to cherish their lasts. At times, it is about making way for the world to move ahead, and at times, it is just about you to hold back, for reasons, including incompetency to start with! Does that bring a weird look to you, something you just didn't expect, or did it just flex the right muscles with your holy smile? Well, well - intended! It says about your mood, you know. Ha ha.

On a lighter note, confining underneath blankets aren't a choice, neither an option, nor the way forward.
Reasons are seldom on the sailor's hat, the still waters hold things wherever they are. As one may tide through fiercely wisdoms, or cherish the last fall of the season, it is the colors of life that remain vibrant, and with some liberty if I may, not always, but the changes are often known, but the precise time of transition is mostly held back by nature. Nothing else holds. Literally. With strong force, the firsts are inevitable, but the lasts are rarely seen as a choice. Pervious manifestations are thus warmly respected. You may see them as you like, but somewhere, they're the lucky last! ;)

Spread the love..

I am here today putting up a LJ post after more than two and half months. Over these months, a couple of events have happened in my life, but today, I shall not be talking about any of them. I will try putting them soon, one after the other.

I am here to write about the book 'Jonathan Livingston Seagull' by Richard Bach. The title of this post has been one of the message that it tries to convey. This book was suggested to me, and other members of the audience, during a talk at our campus by Mr. Amit Rao on "Being a successful software professional" on March 26, 2009. Out of excitement, after a few days of the talk, I went ahead and bought the book, but for some reason, never touched it at all. After a long time, during the second week of this month, I decided to relocate the book and read it. So, on a local train journey of mine from Thane to Vashi, I started reading the book. By the time, I reached Vashi I was completely lost with the story that the book was telling me, and so, I decided to stay at a coffee shop there, and finish it, and so did I.

After a few hours, Amit sir was online, and was kind enough to listen to my views on the book. I am thankful for his time. Today, I am reproducing the same text from our chat logs. These may be a bit crude, but then, this is the way I shared it with him, and will share the same thoughts here as well. I am not looking forward to any formal and/or organized review of the book.

Also, the book has a few statements which when looked upon in isolation make good sense and I was able to relate to them very well. It talks about breaking the chains of mind (thoughts), and body which actually sends deeper signals about how we limit ourselves to what we perceive our capabilities are; whereas, what we don't seem to realise is that our capabilities are not bound to what we have, and rather, they go beyond those, and even beyond our imaginations. As humans, or as gulls, we're bound to learn at every time, and so, with time, the horizon of everything (capabilities, imaginations etc.) expands and that is what we don't tend to match up with. Ek baar jo soch liya, woh hi humarein liye pathar ki lakir ho jaati hain. Jabki, aisa nahin hona chahiyeh. We should accept, and adapt to such transformations that come to us at various events of life.

The book actually talks about seeing dreams, meeting them, and making newer ones. It tells you to continue doing it till you actually meet your hunger, and that is why I had put my status message (a couple of days back) as "Well, then, the time's not distant when I'm going to appear out of thin air on your beach, and show you a thing or two about flying!" Because, it was all about the cycle of hunger which continues for ever till you see dreams and live up to them. Considering the timing of the above words, in the book, I just loved it, and when I reached that point in the book, to realize it was over, and then realizing that there are no limits.

This book has simply been an amazing read for me. I guess, those who've read the book may be able to relate to the above views very well. And if you've not, then I would certainly recommend you to check it out. And yes, it would be completely injustice if I end this post without actually acknowledging the editor of the book to put the right set of pictures in the book at the right places. The images of the gulls flying are truly awesome and add a wonderful and a beautiful outlook to what the book tries to tell you.


Upright Decision of a HR..

This evening, I happened to converse with Ranjana Lal who had been the Human Resource Executive at a company of repute for almost three years. I learnt that she is getting married soon and has hence quit her comfortable job, which has been more of a second home to her. An immediate reaction of mine was that of an apprehension with regard to marriage being the prime reason for her to break her shell and move out of an environment that had nourished her, groomed her, and made her stand for what she is today. But then, my apprehensions were soon attended by Ranjana when she explained me her reasons.

Before I proceed ahead, I shall mention the fact that her fiancé happens to be an employee of the same organization, and she feels that it would not be appropriate for her to continue at the same place as a HR. I was amazed and equally astonished to hear a reason as mature as this from a young little girl. Especially, at a time when HRs around regardless of age, gender, physical characteristics, and administrative powers at diverse government, private and public sector companies are ready to capitalize their powers and encash their responsibilities for personal and professional gains; at such a juncture, this little girl, has set an example for others to look up to. She has indeed set a trend by allowing her comforts and her powers to stay numb for her loved ones.

I respect her ethics of work and professionalism, and more than that, it has been her conscious effort to stay loyal to her profession with utmost sincerity, and disallowing herself from being driven by other factors. For her, it has been her will to look ahead of personal benefits and stand upright for the profession she practices. I admire her decision to respect and stay honest to her honchos, her colleagues (to whom, she owes her profession) and her friends at the work place. She has always felt connected to almost everyone at her place, and perhaps, it has been that emotional bonding to those around that despite being offered lucrative offers, asked to think and re-think, she decided to stay to her decision for her moral values that she has been bestowed upon with since her childhood.

I know that I have been mumbling throughout this post and overwhelmed with her decision as compared to what the featherbrained would regard it as a stupid one, but then, these are those reactions and opinions that she has already coped up with and decisions such as these keep the lamp glowing for me with hope for the tautology of rightness.

I thank Ranjana for allowing me to mention her name, and her decisions on this post of mine. I wish her and her fiancé good luck and best wishes for their life ahead. Take good care buddies. Here is an older post, mentioning her.

Silent reflections of work places..

Almost every library expects its readers to maintain silence while they are present at the library. Observation of silence at a library is in interest of its readers, with the view of providing convenience and a healthy environment for them to read. A similar scenario is often noticed at a work place amongst the people and associated events at stake. The intellectuals at the work environment cherishing the responsible positions tend to preserve and respect silence maintaining convenience to their work life and at times, even personal. Conveniences, such as these, are often shielded beneath the blanket of excessive work and limitations of time.

Interests, personal and professional, play an enticing role here. Personal interests inclining towards the welfare of unseen and unknown individuals, aspects and events of life tend to be positioned with higher priorities. Shallowness of opinions, trifled objectives and contemptuous actions settle down to the fears of the featherbrained intellectuals. Professional interests such as the longevity of the individuals, fore-casted work returns (at times, measured quantitatively with regard to productivity), anticipated associations with work profiles, alternatives (ready to put on the same shoes) are amongst the mild factors amounting towards such intellectual decisions.

Good words for the bad and the bad words for the good are part of the game tricks, and not surprisingly, common amongst instances at such scenarios. Demarcations between good and bad, right and wrong, truth and false keep transforming as per such conveniences, and in interests of the parties concerned. The doors are often closed by providing leaving trails to the objectivity of life resorting to the uncertainties prevalent in the environment. Surrogation of thoughts end up resorting towards reticence with the hope for better nourishment of the environment, in context. The spectators of the play stand testimony to these reflections of life, and if belief of life after death permitted, even henceforth.


Exploiting, eh!?

ना किसी आम को तुम इस तरह चुसना की उसकी गुटली तुम्हारे दांतों में फँस जाए
ना किसी आदमी को तुम इस तरह लूटना की उसके नंगे होने पर तुम्हे शर्म आ जाए

- अंकित डांगी


Playing Safe?

ना रख अपने आप को, तू इस तरह संभाल कर
एक चादर को ओढ़, अपने कंधे पर डाल कर
समुंदरी शीत लहरों का प्रभाव, तुझसे कभी न रुकेगा
कुदरत की कहर के आगे, तू भी मिटटी में मिल जाएगा

- अंकित डांगी


Carrots of Hope

इस जीवन के चक्र की यह अनोखी लीला
मन जो भी कहना चाहे, वह रह जाए अधुरा
कुछ कहना चाहे, पर वह कह ना सके
जिस तरह जीना चाहे, वह जी ना सके

हर दिया एक ही सी रौशनी फैलाए
पर अपने दायरें को कहाँ पार कर पाए
हर किरण, अपने संग, एक आंस साथ ले आए
पर झूठ की लहर कहाँ थम पाए

जब-जब हर बूँद, इस सागर में जुड़े
तब-तब यह दिल खुद से ही तुड़े
ना बाहर शाम सा अँधेरा, और ना अन्दर सुबह सा उजाला
मन अपनी ही चौकठ पर, रहे कब तक यूँ बेसहारा

ना सागर में स्थिरता, और ना इस जीवन में
ना खुशाली पनपती, है कभी इस मन में

मैं एक बात कहना चाहता था, पर, कह ना पाया
इन शब्दों के जंजाल में, मैंने आप को एक मुसाफिर ही पाया

- अंकित डांगी


I wish..

..I could celebrate this Diwali as each past year. But then, times never be the same and I might have to pay.

Microsoft Clippy & The Lumiere Project..

A blog post explaining the bridge between the product development team and the researchers at Microsoft which, if believed, seems to be the reason as to why the Microsoft Clippy (MS Office Assistant) did not work as expected and failed to perform to its potential. I am amazed to see the amount of processing happening on every event being performed by an user and the vision with which the research work was carried out from 1993. I guess, it was around the same time that work on allied areas was happening at National Centre for Software Technology, India.

For more information on the Lumiere Project you may wish to visit this webpage.


Things around..

Working at a place which promotes research and development for the welfare of the society at large, I feel blessed with having working with a wide set of people - each having varying backgrounds, varying circumstances with which they've been brought up, the differences in languages being spoken, the differences in faiths, beliefs and opinions that each one has, their individuality which they stand for and the experiences which each one over here, share with the rest. This place is truly a wonderful place where one can learn a lot by collecting various frames for the larger picture of life.

Things are all beautiful when I look around, but when I compare these days with my college days, the thing that I miss the most are the smiles of almost each one and whomever I would have met in all three years of my college life. Each day would start with a handshake with almost every one sharing a sense of courtesy and respect towards others. Perhaps, it was much larger than that, and it was the bonding which each one mutually shared. It wasn't just my institute, the entire campus had a pleasing, friendly, cordial and affectionate environment for us to groom well; and as per the dictionaries, that's what Amity stands for. Even at the place with which I am currently associated, I can quickly count a handful of people who still make the environment as friendly as it was during those college days; but they are just a few, very few. I am sure there definitely would have been times when I would not have responded to a many smiles and a few handshakes, which would have left the giver without any hope. I don't know what to say about those times, but then I sincerely regret those moments.

Over a few discussions with pals of mine who've been working for sometime now, I've learnt that these circumstances are similar to what many others have been experiencing. Things are not different, but a few lucky ones are at good places where the environment stands the same. Also, at times, it serves as a drive for them to work with their best-est of efforts. From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely feel good for them. From a perspective, I see people around too burdened (professionally and personally) with the responsibilities they owe. And, the burden just keeps expanding as it moves down the pyramid, whereas one of my friend had recently explained me that it should not be the burden that should come down, rather it should be the inspiration and motivation which should come from the top and move down following the same channel. Also, with a specific context in mind, he added the concern that it shouldn't be the other way round either, where the ones at the top of the pyramid keep looking for inspirations from those at the bottom. He explains that over a period of time, it is detrimental to all those associated with it. A thoughtful note for sure, I thank him with the hope that I don't forget his concern, if and, when I reach at the top of the pyramid.

When in college days, a few of our passed out seniors would talk about the adjusting problems which they would face during the inertia period, and at times, tag those circumstances as the professionalism amidst the corporate world; I would not agree with them, as I had always believed professionalism as a step ahead from the kind of immaturity we would have had prior to it. I still agree that when phases in life move from one level to the other, it is always the scope for improvement which would make lives ahead much better than it would have been otherwise. From a perspective, I see myself as between those phases of life where significant transformations are happening on a continual basis to build up myself as an emotionally stronger individual than what I am today.


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    Nice and deep thinking, really Speechless.

    After reading i am thinking the same.
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