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Driving Forces...

Today, when I look back at my childhood, I realize the importance of those days. They always reside in the most softest corner of my heart. I don't think, I will ever be able to let that corner go open to any world. My bunch of memories might not be any different from any one of you reading this post, but I believe in the uniqueness of every moment. Every moment, in our life is special. They share different instances of the ever changing environment. Besides the agony of numerous doubts emanating in the mind, I see those moments as the ones which, when retrospected, bring salient smiles to my consciousness. They remind me of those moments, which probably today, sound silly to me, but they've always occupied the best part of my life, till date.

An interesting notion which I observe today, during my thoughts is that probably some years down the line, when I might be in different circumstances from what exist today, I might then too, sit back, and end up smiling on the past happenings of life. Probably, that's how I'm now able to see life - certain set of happenings of the current day's world make me excited, get challenges for me, get me aggressive, make me silent, but importantly, I tend to forget it's impact on the other tense of time - the future. And, only if I could realize this, I would always be calmer than ever before. Take life responsibly, as I'm that drop of water which soon gets lost in the ocean. Have been carried away by nature, a lot many times. Life is too short to do a lot of things, but simply doing those things won't be of any use. I have to put my best-est of efforts to ensure it too. I see, that day coming soon, when the word 'to' will no longer tend to exist in my previous statement.


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Feb. 11th, 2010 11:07 am (UTC)
Nice and deep thinking, really Speechless.

After reading i am thinking the same.
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