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Power of Might..

Last year, our team materialized this project. Towards, the end of February a team comprising of our clients visited us and looked at the overall progress of the system. After their return, we received an email subject titled Appreciation where our clients mentioned that they were pleased with the development team and overall progress of the system. They have appreciated our efforts in detail. (I wish, I could produce the entire content of the email!) It felt good to get such a feedback. I find it difficult to express with my limited vocabulary.

Yesterday was a significant day for me. The project on which I was working for a few months saw it's prototype release. I shall share my experiences with the project some other day, importantly, I overcame the power of might and took the first step to learn to give away things, especially when they might turn out to be fruitful opportunities. It's not that I have not given away things in the past, but these ones are for many of us - lifetime opportunities. It was the power of might that always held me for a long time attached to things, but beating that yesterday brought a good level of happiness (or satisfaction or whatever it may be called) to me. I even went ahead to watch the movie 'Ek' which isn't that great at all, but when the mood is good, everything feels good. I shall not undermine the fact that I still wake up at least thrice each night for no good reason at all.

I personally believe - giving up opportunities is not good at all. One should not let go opportunities because the fact is that not every one gets knocks at their doorsteps. But then, yesterday I chose, the other way. I chose, what I would not like to see myself doing for this year. I don't know whether what I have done is right or wrong, would it be beneficial for me or not, is it good to me or not; all I know is that I have taken a decision and only time and I shall withstand the testimony.

Life has many lessons to teach me - at times, I am too stubborn to even lend an ear to such a great teacher, and at times, I listen with the best of my presence of mind and heart. In hope that I listen to my teacher. Amen!


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Apr. 3rd, 2009 04:36 am (UTC)
I still wake up at least thrice each night for no good reason at all.
May be for the reason of global warming :-D.

There might be 2 reasons for giving away this opportunity, you might have sacrificed so that others might get a chance, or you are too comfortable with this project and you need a new challenge that can give you mental satisfaction.
Apr. 3rd, 2009 05:12 am (UTC)
Global warming! Yeah! ;-)

1. Sacrifice? Neah!
2. I don't think my comfort with the project has driven the decision. It is not about a new challenge. In fact, I don't think challenges can be tagged as new or old. It is just that we're ignorant about things at this moment of time. There are opportunities and equally strong challenges for which my eyes have been closed for some time, just trying to open them.
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