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Things around..

Working at a place which promotes research and development for the welfare of the society at large, I feel blessed with having working with a wide set of people - each having varying backgrounds, varying circumstances with which they've been brought up, the differences in languages being spoken, the differences in faiths, beliefs and opinions that each one has, their individuality which they stand for and the experiences which each one over here, share with the rest. This place is truly a wonderful place where one can learn a lot by collecting various frames for the larger picture of life.

Things are all beautiful when I look around, but when I compare these days with my college days, the thing that I miss the most are the smiles of almost each one and whomever I would have met in all three years of my college life. Each day would start with a handshake with almost every one sharing a sense of courtesy and respect towards others. Perhaps, it was much larger than that, and it was the bonding which each one mutually shared. It wasn't just my institute, the entire campus had a pleasing, friendly, cordial and affectionate environment for us to groom well; and as per the dictionaries, that's what Amity stands for. Even at the place with which I am currently associated, I can quickly count a handful of people who still make the environment as friendly as it was during those college days; but they are just a few, very few. I am sure there definitely would have been times when I would not have responded to a many smiles and a few handshakes, which would have left the giver without any hope. I don't know what to say about those times, but then I sincerely regret those moments.

Over a few discussions with pals of mine who've been working for sometime now, I've learnt that these circumstances are similar to what many others have been experiencing. Things are not different, but a few lucky ones are at good places where the environment stands the same. Also, at times, it serves as a drive for them to work with their best-est of efforts. From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely feel good for them. From a perspective, I see people around too burdened (professionally and personally) with the responsibilities they owe. And, the burden just keeps expanding as it moves down the pyramid, whereas one of my friend had recently explained me that it should not be the burden that should come down, rather it should be the inspiration and motivation which should come from the top and move down following the same channel. Also, with a specific context in mind, he added the concern that it shouldn't be the other way round either, where the ones at the top of the pyramid keep looking for inspirations from those at the bottom. He explains that over a period of time, it is detrimental to all those associated with it. A thoughtful note for sure, I thank him with the hope that I don't forget his concern, if and, when I reach at the top of the pyramid.

When in college days, a few of our passed out seniors would talk about the adjusting problems which they would face during the inertia period, and at times, tag those circumstances as the professionalism amidst the corporate world; I would not agree with them, as I had always believed professionalism as a step ahead from the kind of immaturity we would have had prior to it. I still agree that when phases in life move from one level to the other, it is always the scope for improvement which would make lives ahead much better than it would have been otherwise. From a perspective, I see myself as between those phases of life where significant transformations are happening on a continual basis to build up myself as an emotionally stronger individual than what I am today.


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